Latest News on Fracking

Latest News on Fracking

Gas industry lobbyists are using the Ukraine crisis to push Congress to speed permits for facilities to export natural gas.   This certainly won’t help Ukraine now, since the facilities are not yet built.  So the US is offering to help Ukraine with expertise on fracking.   

A recent report linked earthquakes in Ohio to fracking.  At a recent talk I heard a speaker say that “fracking does not cause earthquakes, those are caused by wastewater wells.”  That may be mostly accurate – but nowadays a lot of that wastewater is from fracking.  Read Fracking’s Latest Scandal?  Earthquake Swarms.

Mining for sand used in fracking is destroying sand bluffs in Iowa.  This fine-grained sand, spread during mining and during fracking operations, can cause silicosis and lead to lung cancer.  Thank you to Bruce Rosen for sending us this article.  

What You Can Do Now

We’re looking for Reform Jews to participate in the Social Action Training Day and Advocacy Seminar sponsored by the Religious Action Center in Washington, DC, on May 18-20.  If you are thinking of attending, please let us know.  We’d like to encourage the RAC to address fracking at this program.

Do you know any Jews who have been personally impacted by fracking?  A reporter is interested in speaking to them.  Please email if you know of someone.

Rally at the New York State Democratic Convention on Thursday, May 22 from 10am-12noon,  Hilton Long Island/Huntington Hotel, Melville.  Buses from many locations in NYS.  For more information contact Eric Weltman, Food & Water Watch,

Comment on the New York State Energy Plan.  Tell Governor Cuomo you want a plan to ramp up renewable energy capacity, not entrench fossil fuels.  Read more in today’s New York Times.

Save the Date

The People’s Climate March will take place in New York City on September 20-21, 2014 during the UN General Assembly and Ban Ki Moon’s recently announced climate summit.