Latest News in the Campaign Against Hydrofracking

The Union for Reform Judaism has just passed a resolution on hydrofracking.  Although the resolution reflects arguments for and against hydrofracking, it comes down strongly on the side of investment in renewable energy, stricter laws, funding for regulatory oversight, and more research on the risks of fracking.  Significantly, it urges Reform congregations and congregants to “educate themselves and engage in and support efforts to maximize health, safety and environmental protections in hydraulic fracturing across North America.”

Resolutions expressing grave concern about fracking have been adopted by several Jewish organizations including theJewish Council for Public Affairs:  Ohalah: An International Transdenominational Association of Rabbis;  Women’s League for Conservative Judaism; and the Rabbinical Assembly.

What You Can Do Now

Reach out to your local congregations and other organizations to let them know about the resolutions of national Jewish organizations on fracking.  Urge them to educate their members and get active on the issue.

Rally Against Fracking and for Renewable Energy in Albany on January 8 for NYS Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address.  Sign up for buses from all over New York State.