Get Involved

There are many opportunities to take action against hydrofracking. The industry is decentralized and the practice is regulated at both the federal and state levels. Cities are taking action by banning fracking. Check the websites below for the latest information on what you can do in your area.

Educate your community

Talk about hydrofracking at Shabbat services. Publish one of these brief articles in your newsletter. Ask your social action committee to explore this issue. Plan a screening of Gasland, Promised Land (with Matt Damon), or another movie about hydrofracking.


Support the effort to ban fracking on our precious and irreplaceable public lands.

New York

We won!  New York banned fracking after a concerted campaign by a large coalition of citizens.  But there is still more to do.  A huge expansion of gas infrastructure is underway, including many new pipelines.  There are plans to build an offshore liquid natural gas plant that could be used for exports.  Building all of this infrastructure will encourage fracking in other states and slow the transition to renewable energy.   Find the latest information on what you can do at:

New Jersey

Governor Christie vetoed a ban on fracking passed by both houses of the New Jersey legislature.


3,000 wells have been drilled in Pennsylvania, but activists continue to push for a ban. For updated information on actions you can take:


A moratorium bill was introduced in the state senate. For more information:

Other States

Fracking is taking place in many other states as well. Check with local environmental organizations to find out what you can do.