What’s Next for Jews Mobilizing to Stop Climate Change

We won a huge victory in New York State when fracking was banned in New York State in December, 2014.  Since then we have continued our efforts to mobilize the Jewish community to work for a world safe from climate change.

In July, 2016, we participated in the March for Clean Energy in Philadelphia.

Shortly after the March we affiliated with Jewish Climate Action Network.  Our NYC chapter meets monthly and is currently supporting two important campaigns:

First, the campaign against the Pilgrim Pipelines, which are proposed to bring North Dakota fracked oil from Albany, NY, to Linden, NJ.

And second, the campaign in support of bringing off-shore wind generation to New York.

JCAN NYC is also a member of the NYRenews Coalition fighting for good jobs and climate justice with 100% renewable energy for NYS.

Please join us!  Find us on facebook  or by contacting


Tell Your Friends at Camp to Teach Their Campers About Fracking

Are you working at a summer camp?  Do you know someone who is?  Our fun guide, Teach Your Campers About Fracking, will help counselors teach their campers about fracking and empower them to protect themselves and our earth.

Check out our fun activities, “A Precious Drop of Water,” “Drilling Disaster” (this one involves chocolate chip cookies,) and “Exploring the Ethics of Fracking.”   A sing-along is also a great way to introduce a discussion about fracking.  Start with an old camp favorite like U’Shavtem Mayim and try out an updated classic like “I Don’t Want Your Millions Mister.”

We want campers to make up their own minds, and then empower them to decide how they can make a difference with action steps like teaching their peers about fracking, sharing their opinions with camp directors, and writing letters to political leaders.

Please encourage camp staffers you know to teach their campers about fracking this summer by sharing our guide to camp activities: Teach Your Campers About Fracking