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We aim to educate and mobilize the Jewish community against hydrofracking, an extreme form of natural gas extraction that uses huge amounts of water mixed with toxic chemicals. Hydrofracking pollutes the land, the air and the water, and poses serious risks to human health, especially to children. As Jews, we recognize our responsibility to safeguard the earth for our children and grandchildren. The expansion of hydrofracking is not aligned with our Jewish values.

Help us reach our goal of 100 Jewish communities mobilized against hydrofracking.

Latest News

  • What’s Next for Jews Mobilizing to Stop Climate Change

    Get involved in the next steps for Jews mobilizing against climate change.

  • Frack a Cookie!

    Our volunteers handed out toothpicks and challenged all comers to try to extract the chocolate chip cookies without destroying the cookie. “Frack a Cookie!” really made our point that fracking is terribly destructive.

  • May I Have Your Vote for Green Israel?

    Because people voted for the Green Israel slate in past elections, there have been major improvements in how the JNF does business. It has adopted significantly better policies on forestry, stream restoration, and soil reclamation. JNF is taking the lead on green infrastructure such as bike lanes, solar energy, and wastewater reclamation. The JNF has power, and we can leverage that power.

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